Bathroom Remodeling in Flower Mound

Tired of that Old Bathroom Remodel it Today!

If you have a bathroom in your home that looks old-fashioned, then it is time to remodel it by calling the experts at Proper Design Home Improvement in Flower Mound, Texas. There are several ways that a designer can make changes to the bathroom of your home, so you should consider these ideas for the remodeling job.


Idea 1: New Floor Plan


A bathroom can have a poor floor plan that wastes space. A kitchen designer can create a new floor plan that optimizes the space. This can require changing the water pipes and electrical wiring in the walls to make it easier to install new plumbing and lighting fixtures. With a new floor plan, you can have a bathroom that is more accessible and easier to use.


Idea 2: Modern Bathroom Fixtures


You should replace the fixtures in your home’s bathrooms during the remodeling process, and you can choose basic or deluxe sinks, bathtubs or toilets. These fixtures are available in a variety of colors and styles so that you can have a bathroom that reflects your decorative tastes. In addition to selecting new bathroom fixtures, you can have beautiful faucets on the bathtub and sink along with high-quality handles on the toilets.


Idea 3: Storage Systems and Countertops


If you want to have a bathroom with a clutter-free appearance, then you should have an assortment of storage systems. In addition to having a cabinet underneath the sink, you can have wall cabinets installed from the floor to the ceiling. Wooden cabinets are available in a variety of finishes or designs, and the items are treated to resist moisture damage. The bathroom remodeling designers can help you select the best countertops for the cabinets.


Idea 4: Wall Treatments


While choosing a bathtub or shower stall, make sure to consider the installation of a one-piece wall surround system that will protect the walls from moisture. With this device, you won’t need to clean ceramic tiles or the grout between the tiles. Many bathtub or shower stall surrounds extend to fit on the ceiling to keep the drywall and paint drier to prevent water spots.


Idea 5: Glass Shower Doors


When you don’t want to cope with having flimsy shower curtains, you can have a glass shower door installed that is easy to open and close. You can clean this device in only a few minutes to remove water and soap scum. Glass shower doors are available in an assortment of textures that offer privacy, and you won’t need to replace the device every year.


Idea 6: Towel Rods and Other Bathroom Accessories


Rather than only having one or two towel rods in the bathroom, choose multiple towel rod or bathroom linen storage devices. You can also select matching soap dishes, toothbrush holders or bathrobe hooks for the walls or countertops. It is also possible to install safety handrails along the walls near the bathtub or the toilet, making it easier for senior citizens to use a bathroom independently.

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