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The advantages of tile over linoleum floors

When furnishing a home or remodeling a room, making a choice about what kind of floor you prefer is very important. Different floors have different advantages, but a tile floor may be one of the best choices you can make for the kind of floor that you want. The details of your home can leave powerful and lasting impressions, so it is important that the floor you choose is sturdy and attractive. There are advantages to choosing a tile floor over a linoleum floor. Here are some reasons to consider a tile floor for your room.

1. Tile floors are easy to clean. The material comprising tile tends not to harbor germs and dirt. As long as the cleaning is done with gentle, non-acidic products, tile floors may hold up well through multiple cleanings over a long period of time. Linoleum is also easy to clean, but it is more slippery than tile. Also, it can crack. If that happens, dirt may hide in the cracks.
2. Tile can be used for a lifetime. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles will last for years if cared for properly. In contrast, linoleum is subject to more wear and tear and may have to be replaced after a certain amount of years.
3. Tile flooring is suitable for rooms with high moisture areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Tiles do not expand or contract according to the moisture levels in the surrounding area, so the flooring will remain sturdy. Kitchen spills, shower humidity, and basement room subfloor moisture will not easily compromise the quality of the tile flooring. However, linoleum floors can expand and contract because of moisture, so the quality of a linoleum floor can be compromised faster in comparison to tile flooring. Tile flooring may be more versatile than linoleum.
4. Tile flooring can be replaced in part or in whole. If a few tiles in the flooring become damaged or worn, it is possible to get replacement tiles for repairs. However, if a linoleum floor is damaged, then the entire floor must be replaced. This can be costly and inconvenient. If linoleum flooring is stained or discolored, it is not prudent to spot-clean the problem as this could harm the sub-flooring.

Installing a floor in a room can be one of the most important things to do in your home. When considering a floor, you may wish to prioritize tile flooring over other choices that are less durable.

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