Bathroom Remodeling in Flower Mound

Need an affordable way to upgrade your shower call proper.

Need An Affordable Way To Upgrade Your Shower Call Proper. 

Upgrading your shower is a necessary home improvement project not only because it improves your bathing experience but also because a modern shower is among the key reference points whenever guests describe your home. The upgrade project can be as easy as installing a waterproof shower insert, replacing a leaking shower head, or replacing a dilapidated door.On top of being well-lit, spacious, and clean, a bathroom ought to have a high-quality shower for it to pass as modern and luxurious. A good shower should be easy to clean, mold and mildew resistant, beautiful to the eye, rust-resistant, durable, and stain-resistant. If your shower is none of these, then you are missing on a big deal of pleasant bathing experience. Whether you survive on a shoestring or a luxurious budget, it’s to your best interest that you spare a few dollars for your shower remodeling. It’s imperative that you invest in a good shower and complement that by hiring the most reputable, affordable professionals to install it for you.

Is your shower’s water pressure too low or too high for your liking? Either way, you could save a lot of money in form of water bills by simply remodeling your shower. Or are the tiles/fiberglass broken or aging? Keeping your shower in its current condition is risky in the sense that the broken tiles can cause water leakages which can, consequently, make the bathroom floor slippery.

A constantly slippery floor means more cleaning work for you and in extreme cases, injuries to your loved ones- especially the kids and the elderly. That’s without mentioning how prone broken tiles are to mold, or how easily they can cut your body as you bathe, or even their possibility of falling on you unawares. It’s wise for you to renovate your shower. As a matter of fact, this renovation exercise need not be expensive because in some cases, all you need is to install a waterproof shower insert to protect the tiles from the mold-causing water.

Because the shower is the most intimate space in your bathroom- the relaxation joint in any home- it should be spacious and have adequate fresh air. Are the curtain rods eating up your showering space? Do you wish to knock-off one or multiple walls in order to expand the space? You will need to hire highly-qualified but reasonably affordable handymen to do the job for you. There are many shower styles that you can opt for, regardless of how stretched your budget is, and still get that charming, spa-like shower of your dreams.

If yours is a traditional bathroom, it would be thoughtful of you if you enhance its elegance by installing porcelain tiles, fiberglass, or glass showers. The three shower models are easy to install, clean, and above all, they are inexpensive. Our handymen at Proper Design Home Improvement are committed to helping you create the shower of your dreams at an affordable cost. Need an affordable way to upgrade your shower? Contact us today!