Bathroom Remodeling in Flower Mound

Is the Countertop in your bathroom holding up, let proper design home improvement help!

Bathrooms are one of the most used, and abused, rooms in your home. From kids to pets, the bathroom is the center of a lot of high-energy activity. Countertops are often the first to show wear and tear. It may be time for a new countertop installation.

Common Countertop Issues
There are some ways your bathroom countertop will show its age. Some of the most visible effects are:

  • Cracks or chips
  • Discoloration or stains
  • Use of dated design or material

The most common and obvious problem with aging bathroom countertops are cracks or chips. While this is most common with cheaper products used in homes built for developments, it can happen over time even with better quality products. Use or age can contribute to cracks or chips.

Discoloration or stains are incredibly common in aging bathroom countertops. Stains can happen when someone uses hair or beard dye, certain nail products or even certain types of soaps and cleansers. Curling irons, straighteners, and other hot temperature devices can also cause discoloration if they are placed long enough on the counters. Since there are a number of chemicals, colored products, and electrical devices in a typical bathroom, discoloration is almost a given over time.

You may not notice it right away because you are used to seeing it, but your bathroom countertops could be outdated or using material that gives away its age. Styles do change and your bathroom could show it hasn’t moved with the times!

Resolving Problems
Resolving your bathroom countertop challenges is easier than you think! Proper Design Home Improvement has a number of choices for you and can provide countertop installation for an affordable price.

Choices include engineered and natural stone, granite, quartz and marble. Designs can range from rustic to modern spa with an number of other styles in between.

Plan First
The first step to achieving your new bathroom look is to visit a showroom to pick a style. Once you are drawn to a style, outline changes within your budget. You may opt for a complete remodel or simply replace the countertops. Your showroom staff and designers can help with planning and budgeting.

Pick Specifics
Once you have your budget and preferences, pick your exact countertops. Be sure to bring dimensions of your current countertops with you so you can get more accurate pricing. Don’t be tied to one product. You may find another product you never considered works better in your plan.

Whatever you choose, Proper Design Home Improvement can help with your countertop installation and other design needs to create your dream bathroom!