Countertops in Flower Mound

Is it time for a new Countertop?

The decision to replace an old countertop depends on many things. Sometimes it is as simple as the homeowner wanting an entirely new look for their kitchen. The old countertop no longer fits in with the new decor or color scheme, and it’s replaced no matter how pristine it looks. Other homeowners hold on to the most beat up countertops for years. Some may even like the look of their beat up countertop; to them it means it has been well-used and even well-loved. But here are some signs that a countertop has seen better days and may need to go:

A countertop made of stone such as granite or marble can last longer than the house, but it needs to be sealed. That’s because these stones are porous and abrasive cleaners and acids as mild as lemon juice can cause them to erode. They can also be stained, and burnt. Finally, if something really heavy is dropped on one of these counters, it may crack or chip. A stone professional can repair some damage, but a cracked, chipped, stained and burnt stone counter needs to go.

Concrete is even more porous than stone and must be sealed to prevent stains. These counters also crack far more easily than stone. Some homeowners find tiny, hairline cracks in their concrete countertops attractive, but large cracks and gouges are signs that the countertop needs to be replaced.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel resists corrosion and rust, but it can be dented if a heavy pot is dropped on it. It also holds on to water stains and fingerprints, and chlorine bleach cause it to pit. Stainless steel also scratches, but as with the hairline cracks in concrete some homeowners find this attractive. But really deep scratches are unsightly. If there are too many stains, deep scratches and pits, it’s time to let this countertop go.

These countertops are made of layers of material. Less expensive ones show a dark seam when the angles of two pieces of the countertop meet. Pricier ones don’t have this defect. They also don’t show scratches or dings as readily.

Laminate countertops are surprisingly tough but not invincible. If they are burnt by a hot pot or pan or badly stained or gouged, it is difficult to repair them. If water seeps into the seams, it can cause the countertop to swell, and even dishwashing detergent left on the surface can etch it. The homeowner can repair some scratches and stains with paste made especially for laminate and can even repair layers that have begun to separate. But if the laminate is coming apart, is badly stained or chipped, it needs to be replaced.

Ceramic Tile
Glazed ceramic tile is prized because it is waterproof and very hard. But even glazed tile chips and cracks easily if a heavy item is dropped on it. The grout in between the tiles must be sealed or it can become dirty and attract bacteria. As with stone, even mild acids etch ceramic tile. A tile installer can replace damaged tiles, but after a while the homeowner starts to experience diminishing returns.

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