Hardwood flooring Installation in Flower Mound

How to clean hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors are an amazing way to add beauty to just about any room in your house. With, there is a huge debate going on when it comes to the best way to keep them clean. There are so many kinds of hardwood flooring mixtures that you will want to make sure to try any kind of cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area to begin with. This is especially if you live in places like Flower Mound TX. Cleaning your hardwood floors, the right way in a place that is dusty like Flower Mound TX is needed to make sure that you get the full use out of the floors.


The author of The Natural Home: Tips for Cleaning with Natural Ingredients, Natalie Wise, stated that the fail- safe way to keep your wood floors clean is simply soap and water. This is true but you should be careful when using this method on your floors. This is because some wooden floor does not need to be soaked with soap and water. Some manufactures will recommend using a damp mop only. They might even void the warranty on your floors if they figure out that they were cleaned with any other cleaning solution. Here are some very easy steps that will help you transform your grimy and dull floors to clean and gorgeous.


Routine Cleaning

In your high- traffic areas like the kitchen and dining room, doing things like vacuum or sweeping daily and moping twice a week (if possible) will help keep things looking nice. You should mop the less- trafficked areas roughly once a month or even once a season.


How to Clean Wood Floors

Remember, water is woods mortal enemy even for sealed floors, so your best bet would be to use a damp mop instead of a soaked one. You do not want to let water just sits on your wooden floors so you need to be sure to clean only one small area at a time. If you are not wanting to have to be on your hands and knees using a soft cloth scrubbing the floors, a spin mop will help you make sure that your floors do not get to wet. You should begin with sweeping or dusting your floors as good as you possibly can. Then you mix 4 cups of warm water and a few drops of dish soap or castile soap. DO NOT shake! You want to gently mix and then either scrub or mop in small sections at a time drying them with a dry mop or clean cloth after. You should also allow the floors to dry while you do another area. Always make sure to clean the room top to bottom, meaning that you clean the flooring very last. With these tips hopefully you will be able to keep your wooden floors looking as good as they were the day that you had them installed in your home.

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