Tile Installation in Flower Mound

Get Rid of that Linoleum Today!

Choosing a flooring update for your home can be a daunting task. You want a material that is stylish in appearance, yet is ageless in durability. Tile makes an excellent choice with different shapes and colors. When professionally installed, a tile floor can bring out the rich colors of your decor while being easily maintained.

Old Linoleum Floors

Old linoleum floors were designed for a specific time period. The colors and detail probably do not represent the decor of today. Linoleum is also known to wear thin in traffic areas creating a faded appearance. While linoleum was made to stand up to the test of time, the value is lost with the old worn look. Some linoleum floors have asbestos content and should be removed before installing a different type of flooring.

Tile floors in Flower Mound

Texas is known for wide open spaces and sprawling homes. Lasting beauty that matches the environment is important to homeowners. Besides being natural, tile flooring offers improved air quality in homes that want to reflect the habitat and atmosphere. Bringing the presence of stone inside helps to merge nature in an eco-friendly way.

Why Proper Installation is Important

Installing tile floors in Flower Mound starts with the type of sub-flooring that is used. Every underlayment comes with qualities that have to be noted. For instance, cushioned vinyl or particleboard tend to flex, expand or warp. These features can cause a new tile floor to loosen and pull out the grout. Tile is rigid and requires a suitable sub-floor to hold its form. Linoleum is normally an appropriate material for laying tile as long as it is not cushioned. However, an expert tile installer will be trained in starting the project of putting down a lasting tile floor.

How to Choose an Ageless Tile Floor

Tile floors are made of made of natural resources from the earth. The texture and shading is timeless. While different shapes and colors are available, it is hard to find a tile floor that will not compliment a decor. Personal taste is the biggest factor in choosing an ageless tile floor. Gray, brown, tan and white tones allow you to bring out the natural beauty of your home’s design. Shiny, rustic, large or small, tile presents several options. Expert installation is also important for a tile floor to stand up to demanding wear.

If you are looking to replace your linoleum flooring with something that will add value and beauty to your home, visit Proper Design Home Improvement for the latest options for Tile floors in Flower Mound. Whether it’s contemporary or traditional, rustic or modern, they have the selection and services to make all of your home improvement dreams come to life.

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