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What is a KraftMaid Cabinet?

What is the most crucial room in your home? Think back to whenever you were shopping around for a place to live, and you had to decide on a location, what was the room that took you from a maybe to a certainty? That’s right, the kitchen. The kitchen is the place that no matter […]

Get Rid of that Linoleum Today!

Choosing a flooring update for your home can be a daunting task. You want a material that is stylish in appearance, yet is ageless in durability. Tile makes an excellent choice with different shapes and colors. When professionally installed, a tile floor can bring out the rich colors of your decor while being easily maintained. […]

Replace Your Countertop the Proper Way

When you are in search of countertop installation in Flower Mound, you should always choose to have your countertops replaced the proper way by Proper Design Home Improvement. You can enjoy the many benefits that come from upgrading your countertops by professionals. When you want to have the home of your dreams, quality countertop space […]

Is your kitchen outdated?

Invest in a Kitchen Overhaul Now   A kitchen that looks and seems antiquated can make you feel down. It can be a big source of embarrassment any time guests head to your home for dinner parties and the like as well. Fortunately, we have a strong answer for you here at Proper Design Home […]

Tired of that Old Bathroom Remodel it Today!

If you have a bathroom in your home that looks old-fashioned, then it is time to remodel it by calling the experts at Proper Design Home Improvement in Flower Mound, Texas. There are several ways that a designer can make changes to the bathroom of your home, so you should consider these ideas for the […]

Is it Time to Paint? Let Proper Help!

Painting any area of your home can go from simple to challenging in just a moment. Depending on the layout of your space, the needs of your family and your design goals, hiring the right professionals to complete your painting job can make all the difference. Preparation Proper wall preparation is critical. Are your walls […]

Summer is here start that project the proper way.

Is there a project, or set of projects, that you’re excited to get completed? Proper Design Home Improvement is ready to help you get moving on the changes that will make your home uniquely yours! Kitchen Remodeling The kitchen is one of the rooms in your home that gets used every day and renovating it […]

Spring is here time to replace those counter tops.

It’s that time of year again– time for a Spring refresh! Spring is a time of renewal– for nature’s beauty, for animals coming out of hibernation, and for people, many of whom feel the need to clean, redecorate, and refresh their surroundings so they can better enjoy their homes, just as they are able to […]