Countertop Installation in Flower Mound

Advantages of Granite countertops over Formica

Advantages of Granite countertops over Formica
Granite countertops are an excellent investment for those who wish to provide an air of luxury to any home. Such luxury only comes with choosing the correct materials to build with. While the initial investment may seem off-putting to some, the long-term value that they provide can often prove to be worth it in the long run. It is important for you to consider the cost of repairing your countertops down the line. Building with weaker materials can end up costing you much more than simply investing one time with a well build granite counter. When you are selecting your choice of countertops in Flower Mound, it is important to keep that in mind.

In addition to providing you with a pleasing aesthetic, going granite will also provide the advantage of improved durability. As a material, granite is tougher than the common alternative Formica. Granite is a compound that comes from deep within the Earth. This means that any granite used in a building has already endured thousands of years of elements and pressure. If you plan on selling your home in the future you should also consider having a granite countertop installed. This feature is going to help your home’s value much more than cheaper laminate alternatives. Granite countertops are often sought after by potential home buyers, while others such as Formica countertops to not carry such intrinsic value to your home.

Granite is a very hard material, so it will fare much better against day-to-day wear and tear than other alternatives. A well-built granite countertop is not going to be scratched by a knife or by moving appliances across it. Along with this durability comes an increased resistance to heat. For example, if you were cooking and needed to make space by placing a hot pan on the counter, you would not need to worry about causing any kind of damage. For any germaphobes out there granite is also a very stain resistant and hygienic material. A granite counter will make cleanup easy and you will never have to stress about anything staining or soaking into your counters. The sanitary benefits of this material are especially nice if you choose to have granite installed in your bathroom. This is understandably going to be one of the least sanitary rooms in your house so it only makes sense that you would want to utilize a material that is resistant to bacteria and dirt.

Overall granite comes up as the most desirable material for your countertop needs time and time again for. Should you decide to make this investment, you can’t go wrong with having your countertops in Flower Mound installed by Proper Design Home Improvement.